The Secret to Understanding Humans

BehaviorI happen to deal with a lot of prospects and customers especially at Centreville Tow Truck and the secrets to making sales and getting loyal and happy customers depend on understanding humans. The reason why most people fail to understand other people’s behaviors is that they look at these behaviors and make a judgment, without taking other variables into consideration.

Humans are active agents ever engaged in attempting to satisfy physical needs and mental desires with the ever-changing and complex surroundings while at the same time interacting with surroundings. Our brains structures keep on evolving to support the complex cognitive processes that are defined by what we observe and process.

Understanding behavior

When it comes to scientific research, human behavior is quite complex and is composed of three main elements; cognitions, actions, and emotions. Actions are behavior and denote anything that can be observed with the use of bare hands or just measured by physiological sensors. An action is more of a transition or initiation from one state to another.

Cognitions as behavior

cognitiveCognitions are what define thoughts and mental images that you carry with you, be it verbal or nonverbal.  It can be how you remember to buy something or just how you can be curious someone thinks about you. Cognitions are comprised of skills and knowledge. It can be how to use a particular tool in a meaningful manner without hurting yourself.

Emotions are behavior

We can define an emotion as any relatively brief conscious experience that is characterized by an intense mental activity. It can equally be a feeling that comes as a result of either reasoning or knowledge. Its scale varies from positive to negative.

To understand humans, you need to understand actions, cognitions, and emotions. These three aspects do not run independently, they are related. Proper interaction between these three enables you to understand the world around you and that around others.

What you need to know

To properly understand humans, there are key issues you need to know. First, humans are active consumers of sensory impressions.  You have to actively work on a something to achieve a cognitive goal. Cognitions are specific to time and situations. Any new information that you receive is accepted, merged and integrated with previous ones for processing and comparison in the cognitive mindset. We talk about behavior, we must understand how it is acquired. When someone acts in a certain manner, we need first to understand all variable and the reasons for acting in such a manner.














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