The Psychological Tricks behind Getting People Say Yes

psychologyThe ability to persuade others is a very important skill which can translate to making huge sales, getting a raise, convincing people to follow your leadership and countless other success issues in business. In your personal life, it can mean winning over your partner, raising well-behaved kids and having friends and family members who listen to you. But persuasion is not just about charisma. Anyone can improve and get better at getting people to say yes to requests. Psychology has uncovered a wealth of data behind getting people to say yes. Here are the tricks to go about it;



There is always an overwhelming urge to pay debts in the process of returning the favor to something good someone did to you. The deep-seated urge of reciprocity is so strong that it defines the very essence we are human beings. To apply reciprocity, you only need to give people things for free. Whoever is on the receiving end of your gift is then indebted to you. You can give anything including a free book, a subscription, a sample, virtually anything. As long as what you give is free, people will always have the urge to repay and can lead to making a purchase.

Commitment and Consistency

We are always driven to remain consistent in our words, attitudes, and actions. We are meant to make some pledge of some kind, to take a stand or to make a decision. There is always an urge to remain in a  consistent form with our original commitment. The key to this step is to get an initial commitment which may appear small but it can have a huge impact in the future. The application for this principle is to ask for a simple yes at first, then build on that. This is the technique salespeople usually call foot-in-the-door technique.


Social Proof

SOCIALMost of us are imitators in most of the things we do. We are in constant look for others for guidance particularly when we are not sure about how to do something. To apply this principle, show others using your services or buying your products. You need to list testimonies of satisfied customers and clients. Feature interesting stories of all those who have been converted to accepting and using your products or services. When people see that what you offer to others is good, they will want to be associated with you.



Irrespective of how reasonable we may think we are, we are always lined towards saying yes to those we know and like. We readily comply with requests which are familiar to us. This is the main reason we find it hard to refuse to buy a product sold by a friend or relative. To apply this principle, you need to be personal and likable. This is a key principle about selling that most people know, but fail to apply instinctively.

Another two key principles behind saying yes are authority and scarcity. When it comes to authority, people will always say yes to you when you possess signs and symbols of authority and expertise. When it comes to scarcity, the fear of loss is more powerful than the hope of gain.

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